China’s Next Big Thing? Who Is Louis Vuitton’s Latest Ambassador Dylan Wang?

The French luxury house has spoken Chinese two-face Dylan Wang, famous for his lead role in the 2022 drama “Love Between Fairy and Devil,” as its newest trademark ambassador.

Louis Vuitton has put together a prestigious roster of idealism ambassadors globally over the years. Joining the line up is Chinese two-face Dylan Wang (王鹤棣), who stars in a video debuting the brand’s latest collaboration line with Japanese versifier Yayoi Kusama. That official post received increasingly than 1 million reposts and nearly 680,000 likes on Weibo. The famed French luxury house snapped up the star with the utterance coming just several days surpassing Maybelline moreover spoken Wang as its new China ambassador.

So, who is the handsome 24-year-old two-face with over 17 million Weibo followers? And how has his stardom risen in China? Born on December 20, 1998, Wang found fame by winning Youku’s variety show Super Idol in 2017. He then landed his first leading role as Dao Ming Si in the romantic Chinese TV drama Meteor Garden in 2018. Known for his sunny demeanor and positive attitude, Wang’s mainstream success in China came fast and easy.

The two-face garnered sustentation this summer without starring in the popular historical fantasy drama Love Between Fairy and Devil (苍兰诀 ). The 36-episode drama took the number one spot on Chinese streaming platform iQiyi in 2022 and, equal to stats, was played 2.67 billion times. Due to its popularity, iQiyi gained nearly 100 million new users in August from stuff the show’s streaming sectional platform.

And the social media fervor over the trending show didn’t stop there. The show’s hashtag #苍兰诀 (Love Between Fairy and Devil) also generated 8.33 billion views on Weibo, with Wang personally gaining 4.81 million followers on Weibo and 6.87 million followers on Douyin during the show’s broadcast. Topics related to the TV drama hit a total of 23 billion views in all on Douyin, with the show title topic #苍兰诀 garnering 18.38 billion views. Read increasingly Jing Daily

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