Headlines From China: Chinese Movie Industry Screens Business Tragedy

Chinese Movie Industry Screens Business Tragedy

Theatregoers are taxing a rewrite of China’s talkie script. Lockdowns pushed movie ticket sales to a 10-year low during the recent Dragon Boat Festival holiday weekend. The country is still energetically subtracting new theatres – a statistic that used to excite Hollywood bigwigs seeking increasingly venues for big-screen blockbusters. The question is whether China’s citizens will return to fill the seats. Read increasingly Reuters


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Alibaba, Bilibili Extend Gains as China Approves Increasingly Games

US-listed Chinese stocks are on undertow for a third day of gains without China approved a second batch of video games this year, marking a remoter softening in the country’s stance toward internet firms. The Nasdaq Golden Dragon China Index rose as much as 2.8% on Wednesday, extending an 8.9% rally in the previous two sessions. Read increasingly Bloomberg

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