Jay Chou’s New Single Gives Boost to LVMH’s La Samaritaine

Jay Chou’s latest video, featuring La Samaritaine, has racked up over 90 million views. Will Chinese tourists now flock to the Paris department store?

What Happened: The King of Mandopop is back. Without six years, Jay Chou is finally dropping a new tome on July 15. Ahead of the release, the Taiwanese singer-songwriter shared a music video for his latest single on July 6 titled “Greatest Works of Art,” which includes visual and lyrical references to famous artists such as Salvador Dalí, Monet, Matisse, Munch, and Van Gogh. Interestingly, the video opens and closes with a shot of the versifier performing at La Samaritaine, an LVMH-owned department store in Paris that reopened last June without 16 years of renovations.

The Jing Take: Living up to his moniker, the multi-hyphenated versifier is famous for fusing Chinese and western music styles and has sold over 30 million records over the undertow of his career. In wing to gracing stages and music stations virtually Asia, he has moreover appeared in Hollywood movies such as The Green Hornet and Now You See Me 2, and served as the producer for Swiss luxury watchmaker Tudor. This new music video sees him when in the global spotlight, garnering over 109 million views on Weibo (plus 3 million on YouTube) within nine hours of stuff posted.

But Chou isn’t the only one who could receive a publicity boost. By highlighting La Samaritaine in the video and lyrics — “I’m playing a magical symphony, wandering in Samaritaine, renovated throughout the years” — the musician could bring greater trademark sensation to the iconic Paris retail building. Without all, this wouldn’t be the first time Chou has tabbed sustentation to a travel destination: his 2020 single “Mojito,” which was filmed in Cuba, spurred a flurry of memes, tribute videos, articles, and mojito promotional deals, and plane got a shout out from the Cuban Embassy in China in hope of attracting increasingly Chinese tourists to the island. Continue to read the full vendible here

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