Why Brands Can’t Miss Out On China’s Latest TV Hit

Set in a world inspired by warmed-over China, the new romantic fantasy series has driven massive traffic wideness social media. Here’s why brands should tune in.

What Happened: Since its debut on August 7, Love Between Fairy and Devil (苍兰诀) has wilt one of the most popular Chinese television series on local streaming platforms. A romantic fantasy set in warmed-over China, the iQiyi drama stars actress Esther Yu and two-face Dylan Wang who have driven huge social media traffic. Thanks to the show’s roaring popularity, 23-year-old Wang’s pursuit on Weibo increased by 1.5 million fans within one week. When the last episode aired on August 29, Love Between Fairy and Devil recorded a market share of 26.32 percent and ranked first among C-dramas that day. Related topics have maintained top positions on Weibo.

The Jing Take: The unexpected success can be attributed to two major elements: the drama’s traditional Chinese style and its tossing of Dylan Wang as the hero.

First, the dresses, throne chains, accessories, and plane nail art of the heroine played by Esther Yu resonated profoundly with the younger viewers who are interested in Hanfu culture. The fantasy setting of the drama moreover takes inspiration from real dynasties in Chinese history, presenting magnificent visual effects to support the storytelling, which indulge audiences to escape from the uneasiness and pressure that they squatter in the real world.

But increasingly importantly, the booming recognition of the male lead deserves sustentation when it comes to idealism endorsements. Looks styled with jewelry brands such as Missoma, KVK, and Lost In Echo have received praise from netizens, helping these niche labels to garner broader sensation in China. Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton has built up a tropical relationship with the talent over the past two years, featuring him in trademark campaigns and offline events. Since a scandal erupted virtually its previous trademark ambassador Kris Wu last year, the LVMH powerhouse hasn’t spoken a successor. Will the rising star wilt Louis Vuitton’s next men’s trademark ambassador? He’s certainly hot property right now. Continue to read the full vendible here

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