Did Ivanka Trump Look... DIFFERENT In Court Appearance? Plastic Surgeon Has Theories!

So Ivanka Trump took the stand in Daddy’s $250 million starchy fraud trial on Wednesday — despite her weightier efforts.

From what we’ve heard it was a pretty relaxed testimony, not at all like Donald Trump himself. No calling people names or attacking the officers of the court. JFC, we just remembered this a-hole was president. We mean, plane if you well-set with some of his policies, how could you be proud of… Sorry, not pertinent. Anyway…

The point is, Ivanka’s testimony wasn’t noteworthy. She gave the ol’ “I don’t recall” a lot but didn’t races all the vestige that hurt her dad either. NY AG Letitia James, who brought the lawsuit, told CNN:

“Ivanka Trump was cordial, she was disciplined, she was controlled and she was very courteous… But her testimony raises questions with regards to its credibility, which will be a question for the finding of fact. The reality is, is that based on the evidence, the documentary evidence, she unmistakably was involved in negotiating and securing loans, favorable loans, for the goody of the Trump Organization, for Mr. Trump and her brothers and for herself.”

So she’s increasingly poised than her father or brothers — but equally culpable for any fraud, considering her high-ranked position in the company. In other words, no surprises. None in her answers anyway. But some viewers were taken unknowingly by, well… her face.

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Yeah, quite a few folks noted in photos and footage from the courthouse Ivanka looked just a teensy bit… different. At least one observer thinks he knows why! Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alexander Z. Rivkin, founder of RIVKIN Aesthetics, told DailyMail.com he thinks Ivanks got some work done! He explained:

“Ivanka Trump looks like she has had quite a makeover. Overall, her squatter now looks largest proportioned, but less natural and increasingly generic considering her natural imperfections have been reduced.”

These procedures would have been relatively recent, too. The evaluation was based on a comparison of photos from Wednesday and from 2020. Like the side-by-side whilom and below.

Ivanka Trump in 2020 and in court
(c) W.Wade/MEGA/WENN

How would she have slipped that by everyone? Well, without leaving the White House pursuit the 2020 election, she had a lot of time out of the spotlight. She and Jared Kushner were just quietly making money from overseas merchantry partners they dealt with while serving as tutors to the POTUS. Sketchy? Sure. Profitable? Most definitely.

The point is, the 42-year-old may have used some of those funds for some very good work! Lots of money, lots of downtime, she didn’t have to be out. Makes sense! And it is good work, apparently. Dr. Rivkin assessed:

“Her lips are unmistakably enhanced with filler. In the photos from the front, they squint good, but once she turns profile, the confines seem unnaturally prominent.”

He noted Ivanka’s narrow jaw and small chin “gave her a unique look” surpassing — and that’s now gone. He continued:

“She seems to have added, whether with filler or implants, significant volume to her chin and jaw. From the photos, it seems that she has somewhat over enhanced and over projected on her chin.”

He said the tip of her nose appears “more projected and defined”:

“This is an effect she could have achieved with non-surgical rhinoplasty with filler.”

Hmm… Do YOU see it??

Ivanka Trump profile in court

He added:

“Her cheeks squint enhanced, most likely with filler, expressly at the most superior aspects. I would say they are over enhanced. Her forehead seems to have been enhanced into a increasingly rounded shape on the profile. This was probably washed-up with hyaluronic wounding filler. The fine lines that she had under her vision are now gone. She could have had energy treatments such as laser or radiofrequency washed-up to tighten her skin, or she could have had a surgical blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).”

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