Grace Chan On How Her Husband Kevin Cheng Vetoes Her Outfits

Scroll through Hong Kong actress Grace Chan's Instagram account and it's easy to see why the stunning mother of two is often considered one of the most stylish in the place.

And now the winner of Miss Hong Kong 2013 brings its modern style to Singapore.

Recently, the 30-year-old launched her 25 Hour WARDROBE capsule collection with local brand Love, Bonito, a brand she says she's loved for "a long time."

"I think the only thing [about Love, Bonito] is "This is what got me really captured ." "The best thing is that it was created and designed specifically for Asian women," says Grace in an interview with 8days.

"As you know, we are smaller. When we buy other fashion brands, we often have to modify them, we always call it zan xiu xiu ("almost there" in Cantonese). But love, Bonito, when you get something, choose the right size and put it on, you realize: "Wow, it's already perfect." I have nothing else to do with this. '

Grace Chan On How Her Husband Kevin Cheng Vetoes Her Outfits

The collection is made up of eight items designed by Grace and prices range from $33.90 to $63.90. According to Grace, her capsule collection with Love, Bonito "really represents her right now."

"I wanted something that represented who I am now, that was comfortable, affordable, stylish and easy to use," She adds. 

GRACE CHAN: I think it was natural because they wanted someone who already loved the brand and was authentic. And from there it makes a lot of sense.

How would you describe your experience working with them?

That was fun! (laughs) At first I was really worried when they said, “Let's design something together,” because I thought, “You guys have a billion projects, what is there that you haven't done yet? » How can I get an idea? Something new ? (Laughter)

But they came with we eliminated half of it and I found the other half and that's how we came together. They sent me some samples to try and play and I was like, “Oh, I hadn't thought of that,” or “Wow, this looks so much better in real life”… You know, it was a really interesting process. Participate.

Who would you like as you are? say: Who is your biggest fashion influence?

I honestly think she's my mother. She's always been a person who knows what's going to happen, and when that happens, I always say, "Wow, you're like a pioneer" .

On the other hand, I'm the type of person who follows trends (sigh). But as soon as I use it, it goes out of style. And I thought, “Damn, I wasted my time getting this stuff.” 

My mother always told me to show her what I would wear to make fewer mistakes (laughs). ). The last time I made a fashion mistake, I didn't ask him about my outfit.

So, what was your worst fashion mistake?

(sigh) I remember that for the launch event of another brand I worked with, I decided to combine a white t-shirt with a of those skirts combined with ruffles that are a kind of princess. For some reason, I also wore a black necklace.

And there were two huge curls on one side of my face. They were long and felt like one of those historical dramas (laughs). It seemed very strange. So my hair was a 19th century thing and then my clothes were a mix of the 90s and now... it was just awful.

Yes, this is the fashion mistake Grace is talking about.

Wow. And when did you realize that your outfit was a failure?

The next day. I looked at the photos and thought, “Why didn't anyone say anything? "How did it happen?" (Laughter)

It was quite embarrassing , but nowadays I would consider myself stylish. I wouldn't say I'm high fashion, but I have enough style to know that the pieces I put together are more timeless and less strange (laughs).

That's basically what I wanted [for my collection], because you never know what other people are like. The style is. So I think it's really nice to almost go back to the origins.

Did your husband Kevin support your collection?

Oh, sure. She said, “Okay, go ahead. “I will take care of the children. » In this sense, I could really see and feel their support.

Do you often ask her for fashion advice?

Oh yeah, every time I have an event, I put something up and ask, "What do you think?" What shoes should I wear?” 70% of the time I listened to what she said and 30% of the time I said, “You don't know what fashion is, it suits me very well. "(laughs) You can only trust men so much, right? And then all you have to do is make your own decisions.

Have you ever criticized your clothes?

(Laughter) He's picky, you know, he criticizes those he thinks are very sexy. He said, "I don't think you look good," and I said, 'You think this is too revealing.' So goodbye." (Laughter) )

Leaving Rafael and Yannick decides for himself: the same clothes?

No. I'm the one who goes out and picks out all the clothes. I've had friends say to me, "Oh my God, I only spent an hour on this because my son kept trying different things." him: "Don't start until you're sure he's at least five years old."

Have you ever wanted to have a daughter who could inherit all your clothes?

Surprisingly never. I have always liked boys more than girls because when I have a daughter we have to worry about what kind of man she will meet and whether he will make the wrong decisions. I think I can dress my friends' daughters. It would be just as fun, except we wouldn't have to worry about what happened next. I can put them on and go (laughs).

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