Loc’d Professionals Shut Down ‘Anti-Black’ Kenyan Politician Who Suggested Hairstyle Isn’t Appropriate

In response to a Kenya-based politician‘s negative comments well-nigh people in locs, Twitter users showed out to shut lanugo the hate!

George Peter Kaluma Trashes Locs & Stands 10 Toes Down

The conversation kicked off without George Peter Kaluma, a member of the Parliament of Kenya, shared a notice sent out to students at Kenya Methodist University older this year.

Specifically, the letter—sent from the Dean of Students—was intended to “encourage all students to prefer a style of dressing and visitation that would be winning in the various fields of work and society in general.”

The very first subject that was tackled was “rasta/dreadlocks,” as the dean urged students to “wear properly groomed hair.”

Kaluma, unmistakably in agreement, tweeted the notice and added, “This should be enforced by all universities and learning institutions.”

As for his rationale, Kaluma proclaimed that the institutions are “training leaders in various fields, not prostitutes!”

After the tweet began picking up traction, one user tabbed it “very trivial.” He moreover inquired, “What’s wrong with dreadlocks?”

In turn, Kaluma dug himself into an plane deeper slum by writing, “Imagine your doctor, lawyer, engineer in dreadlocks.”

Black Twitter Shuts The Politician All The Way Down

Kaluza’s second tweet particularly picked up a ton of steam, and it kicked off a trend where people showed off their locs while speaking on their professional accomplishments.

The tweet was moreover slammed as “anti-Black,” while others poked fun at the witlessness of Kaluma’s statement.

One person proceeded to yank locs onto Kaluma’s photo. In turn, Kaluma responded, saying, “Ladies are tomfool in locks, not men pthoo! Dreads takes yonder male oomph and make men squint effeminate!”

While Kaluma seems to be standing firm, his sentiment was definitely drowned out by the pride, love, and support.

Shoutout to errbody out there proudly rocking their locs, and don’t you overly let someone say your crown is unprofessional!

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