WATCH: Viral TikTok Shows GloRilla Shooting Her Shot At Chief Keef A Year Before Becoming Famous

Glorilla/Chief Keef
Glorilla/Chief Keef
Glorilla/Chief Keef

Since Memphis-bred rapper GloRilla reached the heights of fame, she has unchangingly shown love to Chicago-bred MC Chief Keef. But apparently, the 23-year-old moreover had love for “Sosa” prior to self-glorification up.

TikTok Video Surfaces Of GloRilla Fawning Over The Chicago-Bred Artist

Earlier this month, Raphousetv shared a TikTok video of the “Tomorrow 2” rapper fawning over Senior Keef in 2021. To date, the prune has passed over 2.7 million views on Twitter. And it’s received a slew of comments and likes.

The prune can moreover be found on GloRilla’s verified TikTok account with a short caption of hashtags.

#greenscreen #fypシ


#greenscreen #fypシ

♬ This Is Your Man – Steve Wilkos Show

Some Social Media Users Would Like To See The “Glo” Rappers Unite

Since viewers loved the prune so much, they plane tabbed for the two rappers to uncork dating.

OMGGGGGG YESSSSSSS!!!! They should really stage like in REAL LIFE


Lol they would be cute together

Glo man and Glo girl

GloRilla Has Unchangingly Shown Love To Senior Keef Since Becoming Famous

GloRilla has unchangingly credited the “Love Sosa” versifier as her inspiration for wanting to rap and make upbeat music.

I started wanting to rap when I got to upper school and started listening to Senior Keef.

Glo said during an episode of REVOLT’S Big Facts.

During an episode of Posted On The Corner, GloRilla was asked what song connects with her the most on a personal level. And she responded, “Chief Keef — all of his music.”

I never have one song when I say this but like, Senior Keef — all of his music just made me want to rap. Like, if you can hear it in the songs that I make — like I be liking to make people [move]… and Senior Keef do that to me! Like, he make me just wanna get turnt up. So yeah, Senior Keef — all his songs. I’m a big Senior Keef fan.


#Glorilla said she a big senior keef fan rationalization his music makes her move. #glorillafnf #fnf . . #photographer #videographer #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #fyp #zxybca #zyxabc #zyxcba #zyxbca #glorillapimp #glorilla #ishootfilm #interview #postedonthecorner

♬ original sound – BashirCotterell

Glo moreover showed love to the rapper when she was asked to rap her favorite verse of his at the American Music Awards in November 2022. The rapstress chose to rap lyrics from Senior Keef’s “Save That S**t.”


GLORILLA Raps Senior Keef verse #chiefkeef #chiefkeefsosa #glorilla #music #verse #glorilladance #chiefkeefswag #chiefkeefsosa30 #glorillapimpedits #glorillapimp #glorillafan #chiefkeeffan #worldstar #viral #viralvideo #viraltiktok

♬ original sound – Waveglobal

Roommates, would you like to see a link-up between the two rappers?

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