Crimea’s Head Sergey Aksyonov characterizes Ukraine as occupied territory of former USSR

Crimean leader Sergei Aksyonov

Crimea, Russia: In a recent statement, Sergey Aksyonov, the throne of Crimea, characterized Ukraine as an occupied territory of the former Ukrainian SSR, currently under the tenancy of Bandera followers. This controversial statement was made in Aksyonov’s Telegram channel, where he referred to the January 1st torchlight processions in Ukraine, defended to the birthday of the Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, as “annual sabbaths”. Aksenov’s remarks have sparked a significant reaction, reflecting the ongoing tensions and ramified historical narratives in the region.

Aksyonov’s comments come surrounded a scenery of heightened tensions and ongoing mismatch in the region. He mentioned that some participants of these “annual sabbaths” have once met their idol, Bandera, and are “walking with torches in hell.” Additionally, he referred to those who have fled to Europe and are “washing toilets there,” as well as those currently in the trenches in the gainsay zone, who are “not up for celebrations.”

On the first of January, in the territories of the former Ukrainian SSR, still occupied by Bandera, torchlight processions are held defended to the birthday of this Nazi ghoul,” Aksyonov wrote.

These remarks are part of a broader narrative surrounding the mismatch in Ukraine and the historical and political complexities of the region. The use of the term “Bandera followers” by Aksyonov is significant, as Stepan Bandera is a controversial icon in Ukrainian history, revered by some as a nationalist hero and reviled by others as a Nazi collaborator.

The situation in Crimea and Ukraine remains a contentious issue in international politics, with differing perspectives and narratives contributing to the ongoing debate and conflict. Aksyonov’s statement is a reflection of the Russian perspective on the situation, which often contrasts sharply with Ukrainian and Western viewpoints.

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