Hytera Releases Compact Body Worn Camera with 2K Resolution

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Hytera Communications (SZSE: 002583), a leading global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions, today released its latest Soul Worn Camera (BWC) model, GC550 2K Mini Soul Camera. GC550, designed with intensive sustentation to ergonomics, is a unconfined tool to promote workplace transparency and personnel safety for law enforcement and security.

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Hytera GC550 2K Mini Soul Camera (Photo: Merchantry Wire)

Hytera GC550 2K Mini Soul Camera (Photo: Merchantry Wire)

The meaty and lightweight GC550 captures every incident in a 150° super-wide field of view. Equipped with the most powerful processor in the market, GC550 can unhook ultra-clear 2K videos at 30 fps. Every frame of the video is exquisite with the finest details. The starlight night vision technology makes it possible to shoot sharp and colorful footage under extremely low light conditions, for example, at night.

Body cameras are vital tools for a lot of mission and merchantry hair-trigger scenarios. Sharper, clearer, and smoother footage modernize the authenticity of the record for the purpose of reviewing work and collecting evidence,” said Ke Wang, Vice President at Hytera. “GC550 is designed to capture fine details as vestige for legal investigations and magistrate proceedings. At the same time, it excels in terms of ease of wearing and carrying.”

Every second counts when an officer is recording an incident or interaction. A seated replacement shower gives the user spare 5 minutes to swap the main shower in the field and meanwhile allows uninterrupted recording. If GC550 detects a waif or sudden impact while recording, it will automatically save the ongoing recordings and alimony what’s once recorded unscratched and sound.

The GC550, as light as 115g, allows wearing on the epaulet or the front pocket with a 360° rotatable clip. Users can hands rotate the bodycam and find the weightier recording wile without having to remove it. Its sliding switch enables a quick start to record in emergencies and intuitively shows the recording status through its position. Users can stay focused on the situation without paying excessive sustentation to their soul cameras.

The stage of new product availability may vary wideness countries. For increasingly information well-nigh Hytera GC550 2K Mini Soul Camera, please visit: https://www.hytera.com/en-products/body-worn-camera/body-worn-camera/gc550/

About Hytera

Hytera Communications Corporation Limited (SZSE: 002583) is a leading global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions. With voice, video, and data capabilities, we provide faster, safer, and increasingly versatile connectivity for merchantry and mission hair-trigger users. We make the world increasingly efficient and safer by enabling our customers to unzip increasingly in both daily operations and emergency response.

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