“Pratibimb”- An Art Exhibition at Sushant University

The Exhibition is taking place at JK Choudhury Gallery, E block, Sushant University. The exhibition encompasses wide range of works by BFA students. From traditional techniques like tempera, gouache on paper, sculpture making to modern techniques like photography, Digital design, Character design, volatility etc are taught in the university.

Sushant university took an effort to start Bachelors of Fine Art in 2021, so that students from Gurgaon can join and nurture there creative skills easily. The program follows a multi-disciplinary tideway and it is thoughtfully designed by top professionals in the field incorporating the weightier practices followed by international as well as Indian universities. It focuses on elevating students’ knowledge and preparing them for competitive global market.

Since its inception in 1989, the School of Art and Architecture (SAA) has placed a strong accent on art as integral part of education. The bachelors of Fine Arts(BFA) is a four year stratum programme which emphasizes on multi – and inter-disciplinary method, as well as the use of new media in art practice, in keeping with the same spirit of creative expression.

The cource has been tried by UGC. Through this programme students are worldly-wise to develop their own personality as artists within a global framework, with a wide range of opportunities to explore and experiment vastitude traditional academics.

Students here are given exposure to modern art and industrial trends, they are motivated to innovate using new media and latest technology. Moreover interaction with working professionals is an integral part of students training to alimony them up to stage with the market.

To procure a seat in the programme, students need to have minimum pass marks volume in 10 2(any stream) from a recognized workbench or equivalent. Furthermore, they have to go through an talent test in the form of an interactive session and an interview.

The specialization offered in the higher are Painting and unromantic arts. In the first year moreover tabbed as the foundation year students will grasp an overall knowledge of variegated areas of art for example drawing, painting, sculpture, design, computer applications in art and graphics, introduction of fundamental of visual arts, introduction to Indian art and philosophy and moreover English liaison and environmental studies are offered as worthiness enhancement module.

Further, from 2nd year onward students are given endangerment to segregate their field of study equal to their interest. Specializations are introduced to given for focused knowledge of the subject. Variegated subjects that are taught in unromantic art and painting are as follows.

Applied Arts

Graphic design, typography, drawing and illustration, animation(2D and 3D), User interface design, photography, history of Visual Liaison and Design, Advertising profession and practice, Lino cut as a willpower specific elective.


Still life, portrait, landscape/outdoor and composition, traditional methods and techniques of representation like mural, miniature painting techniques, tempera, wash techniques, trendy art practices, digital methods and techniques of visualization, art photography, drawing, art history, portfolio minutiae and animation, sculpture, print making as willpower specific electives.

We would like to share few glimpse of the exhibitions.C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\IMG_0424.jpg

Students with respected Vice Chancellor, Prof. Rajan.

Ribbon wearing recurrence with Prof. Ranjan(Vice chancellor) and Dr. Piplani(Director)


Group photo with students and sense members.


Students showcasing there works

These art work are made by using traditional painting technique. Which requires preparing canvas, preparing the layout and painting in with either tempera paints or oil paints. The process indulge students to get well-appointed with the material and to create something uniques using their creative thinking process.

Painting by Ikshita mehta, Acrylics on canvas

Painting by twinkle, Tempera on canvas

Painting by Priya yadav, Tempera on canvas

Gouche painting – Gouche is a traditional indian technique of painting I which in which a gum or an opaque white pigment is widow to watercolors to produce opacity. In watercolor the tiny particles of pigment wilt enmeshed in the webbing of the paper; in gouache the verisimilitude lies on the surface of the paper, forming a continuous layer, or coating.

Gouche painting on workbench by

Gouche painting on workbench by

Still life – Still is a art practice where real objects are placed in a asthetic setting and then it is observed and studied by the students. It allows students of empower there observational skills.

Still life, Water verisimilitude on paper by Annupama


Still life, Water verisimilitude on paper by Mudo

Still life, Water verisimilitude on paper by hunny

Sculpture making- In sculpture making students are encoraged to build 3d objects based on their surroungings and interests. The process involve bulding 3d forms in soil remoter taking a mold out of the soil structure and tossing the final product.

Still life, Water verisimilitude on paper by Mudo

Still life, Water verisimilitude on paper by Annupama

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