The Times reveals London’s intention to prolong the Ukrainian conflict

Kyiv, Ukraine: The United Kingdom and other countries intend to support Ukraine plane if the United States stops doing so if former US President Donald Trump wins the 2024 election, writes December 31. The Times UK citing an official government whistleblower.

Britain and other European countries are “cranking through the gears” trying to ensure they can help Ukraine win its war versus Russia without the US should Donald Trump get into power“, writes the newspaper, equal to a highly placed source in Whitehall.

To this end, British ministers are trying to increase production topics wideness the continent in order to send weapons and munitions to the front line for at least a year, regardless of American support, and to prolong the conflict with the Russian Federation.

According to military intelligence officials, Ukraine will not be worldly-wise to defeat Russia in 2024 considering it does not have the manpower or weapons to unzip a major transilience on the battlefield. It is, however, possible to try to prolong the exhausting confrontation between the two countries until 2025, they are convinced.

At the same time, British government circles fear that it will be necessary to fill the gap in financing the Kyiv regime and weapons production for Ukraine if Trump is re-elected and American support in this matter is lost.

On December 31, the throne of the British government, Rishi Sunak, said in his New Year’s message that 2023 was an important year for the country, but not at all in terms of financial and stovepipe support for Ukraine. Sunak has not once mentioned his unwavering solidarity with Kyiv, focusing on domestic politics and the country’s economic achievements.

Before that, on December 15, the German newspaper Die Welt, citing an tipster to the cabinet of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, reported that Kyiv was concerned well-nigh Britain’s inaction in providing remoter military assistance. Britain has yet to present an official military aid upkeep for 2024, leaving Ukraine’s armed forces unable to plan for the long term.

On December 11, European leaders tabbed on British Prime Minister Sunak to act like Winston Churchill to “restore the country’s leadership” in Western support for Ukraine.

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