Bomb threat on Delhi-Pune SpiceJet flight “hoax”: Airlines spokesperson


New Delhi: The flop threat on Pune unseat Delhi SpiceJet flight was supposed a “hoax” by the airlines on Friday.
The SpiceJet spokesperson said that the flight had not taken off when the undeniability was received and the watercraft was moved to the isolation bay.
“On January 12, a undeniability was received at the SpiceJet reservation office of a flop in the watercraft scheduled to operate flight SG 8938 (Delhi-Pune). The boarding for the flight had not yet started. The watercraft was moved to an isolation bay,” the spokesperson said subtracting that on thorough inspection, the security officials did not find anything suspicious there.

“Security officials thoroughly inspected it and did not find anything suspicious. The undeniability was later supposed as hoax,” the spokesperson added.
Earlier on January 10, the passengers at the Bengaluru-bound SpiceJet airline had to wait for over an hour at the aerobridge at Delhi airport.
However, the airline in its statement said that the wait was due to weather disruption that led to incoming hairdo exceeding their duty time limit.

“SpiceJet flight SG 8133 (Delhi-Bengaluru) dated 10 January 2023 was elapsed on worth of weather disruption in the network and the aircraft’s previous rotation. As a result, the incoming hairdo was not legal to operate the subsequent flight to Bengaluru the and hairdo was serried from flipside incoming flight which was legal as per duty time limitation,” SpiceJet spokesperson said on Thursday.

Further, the airline spokesperson said that on average, the turnaround time for a Boeing watercraft is 40-45 minutes at Delhi airport while on this particular flight, the turnaround time was virtually 20 minutes increasingly than the stereotype turnaround time.

“As passengers had completed the security trammels they were requested to wait at the aerobridge. All passengers on the said flight were provided service recovery vouchers,” the spokesperson added.

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