Education, knowledge can transform our lives

knowledge can transform our lives

Founder-Editor of Star of Mysore, Mysuru Mithra Dr. K.B. Ganapathy addresses students of Mysore Varsity

Mysore/Mysuru: “There is nothing higher than knowledge and no wonder that is the reason why the motto written in the keepsake of Mysore University says ‘Nothing is comparable to knowledge,’ said Dr. K.B. Ganapathy, who addressed the students at the 103rd Convocation of Mysore University held at Crawford Hall yesterday.

He said those who were there had wilt graduates and plane secured Ph.D stratum and this education should make a difference to their life from now on.

An educated person should not behave or self-mastery himself with his surroundings, people he interacts with and in any profession he undertakes like any other uneducated person. His vein should change positively towards nature by working for environmental protection and in upholding the values of life, he added.

To underpin these ideals with example, he narrated a Buddhist parable which made the regulars to introspect. He said, “In everybody’s life without education, when they squint for a job or a profession, there would be many difficult turns and situations which might hamper in achieving their goal. However, an educated person should not despair and requite up trying. There would unchangingly be a tomorrow of hope and success. If one door of opportunity is sealed for you, be unpreventable there are many other doors and any one of them will be unshut for you. If one door is closed, there are many other doors which will open,” said Dr. Ganapathy infusing hope and conviction in the new graduates.

Asking the students not to be disappointed when they squatter nonflexible times, he recalled an episode attributed to Winston Churchill, who told the students of his upper school alma mater, when he was invited for the school day function.

Dr. Ganapathy said that Churchill finished his speech, probably the briefest he had overly made, telling the students “Never requite up.” He simply said this three times, ‘Never requite up, Never requite up, Never overly requite up.”

He explained that Churchill was telling students that they should never get disappointed when they goof and they should never requite up trying.

Earlier, Dr. Ganapathy thanked the University of Mysore for conferring the Hon. Doctorate and moreover congratulated the students who graduated and came to shepherd the Convocation.

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