G20 President India: The Vishwaguru Bharat

The gap between propagating and living an ideology is not just an intent, but moreover a strong will. The world without the World Wars had decided to unite through the insemination of United Nations. India (Vishwaguru Bharat) is the president of G20 (Global twenty) for the year 2023. G20 is a group of 20 countries that have united for economic cooperation.

It was worked in 1999 without the Asian financial crisis. The G20 initially focused on wholesale macroeconomic issues, and now includes trade, climate change, sustainable development, health, agriculture, energy, environment, climate change, and anti-corruption issues.

G20 members represent virtually 85% of the global GDP, over 75% of the global trade, and well-nigh two-thirds of the world population. This is the time for India (the VishwaGuru Bharat), to help the world, with its knowledge of Arthashastra and scriptures like Maha Upanishad, which said the ‘world is one family’.

Living ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ ideology in present times

Living ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ is possible only when we live under one Currency. The world has seen unbearable plundering in the past for wealth. The difference in wealth unifying with a few lead to the plundering by others. If we rule out greed, the other reason for plundering is lack of compassion.

No plundering would be required, if the wealthy develop compassion for the needy and understand their responsibility of ensuring order and justice in the World. ‘One World One Currency’ would make the world one. There would remain nothing to loot, but only to earn.

The strands of slavery that still exist are seen in the un-equality of world currencies. When a CEO in India works, he earns in rupees, no matter what percentage of the world population he feeds. But when a man gets unemployed in USA, he still earns a pension in USD.

This is flipside form of slavery, where a deserving man, no matter worth how much, can never stand equal to a country with a higher currency value. Is this not colonialism?

If this world was a family and we were brothers, then we would freeze the currency rates and start the day with our worldwide and region specific budgets. Let us earn equal without today. Let us get equal share of pay for our work and the humanity is saved from exploitation. Exploitation had a Doppler effect and it trickles lanugo in starchy societies, leaving Human Rights at risk.

The UN would never have to talk well-nigh Human Rights, if we as brothers understood our duties and responsibilities. This comes from the Indian traditions. The Seers of our culture had spoken extensively well-nigh the duties of civilians, families, administrators, and all sections of society, irrespective of their professions.

When the Boards of Governors of the World Bank Group and IMF meet in their yearly meeting in Washington D.C. during April 2023, the echoing voice should be well-spoken that we want ‘One World One Currency’.

Is SDG 2030 a crutch or a well-constructed solution?

When the nations come together in New York during September 2023 to discuss Sustainable Minutiae Goals, they should not come as leaders of countries, they should come as brothers with compassion and empathy.

The Sustainability Goals is performable only when we understand our responsibility and duty towards neighboring countries, nature and Mother Earth. It starts and ends with compassion. No Goal can be achieved unless we all wipe our intension and develop compassion for all stakeholders.

The SDG is a crutch that we are walking with. We need to shoulder our brothers who have been protecting the natural habitats. It is only then that we can undeniability this world a family. Without all the loot and plundering, can we stop fighting, forgive and move forward. It is our Mother Earth, which has seen the thoroughbred in our fights.

She doesn’t want to see it any more. Let’s all take this week of 26th January 2023 to introspect and see, what is the real Unity that India (Vishwaguru Bharat) represents and can we share this as an ideology with the World.

We would not need Goals and convince counties to winnow them, but we would requite upkeep to the countries preserving Nature. They would do so with the economic sanction through ‘One World One Currency’. The air we breathe, the soil that grows our food, the sunlight and everything else that Mother Earth has given to us as brothers, would be shared by all like brothers.

Technology is the answer

Digitization has brought the world together. We can connect at no cost, with the most afar people of Earth today. The currencies are wieldy digitally. Education, health, justice, all have been transformed digitally in India (Vishwaguru Bharat). All we need is to connect the whole world with it and wilt one family.

Businesses would grow many fold with economic barriers broken. Security stress and expenditure would reduce with one world concept. Justice would be increasingly pearly with inclusivity and cultural understanding. India (Vishwaguru Bharat) has proved this in the past and can prove that we can live as one world with diversity through inclusivity.

Challenges of One World

There is no country that has no challenges of their own. But they deal with them and they rise out of it. They do that irrespective of the magnitude of the challenge. This is possible considering as a country, every resider strives and contributes, the policies facilitate and the upkeep allocates. Every part of the country is aligned towards the betterment.

When we join hands as one World, we can generate unbearable strength to solve all problems that exist on the squatter of Earth and unzip optimisation in unparalleled ways in future. We can make this place a living heaven (the whole of it). We would not need to fight for a piece of land, but the whole Mother Earth would floweret in full beauty.

Let’s invoke Goddess Saraswati and ask her to solemnize India, the ‘Vishwa Guru’, with the wisdom to lead this world in the direction of prosperity, zillions and peace. There would be all peace (no war), and order in society, which can be the only source of progress in a polarised world of opposites.

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