Online interior design startup Modsy shuts down, lays off employees

San Francisco: Online interior diamond services startup Modsy has quietly shut operations and several customers have been left with unfinished renovations and project orders in process.

San Francisco-based Modsy has forthwith ceased offering diamond services, laid off its designers and left its customers in disarray, reports TechCrunch.

The startup returned some service order charges and promised to refund furniture deliveries to those who filled an online form.

“But increasingly than two weeks later, tweets show that many Modsy customers are still pensile updates,” the report said late on Sunday.

Apoorva Govind, Founder of BesteverApp, tweeted on Monday: “I’m so disappointed that Modsy is shutting down! It was one of my favorite services when it comes to interior design!! I’m so bummed. Their 3D diamond software was top notch.”

“Me too! And myriad others who have orders pending with Modsy,” flipside user posted.

According to the report, while the company’s website remains operational, Modsy has deleted its Twitter and Facebook pages and made its Instagram worth private.

Modsy’s Founder and CEO Shanna Tellerman told TechCrunch that “capital constraints and uncertain market conditions forced the visitor to closure operations on July 6 and lay off all employees”.

Modsy’s resources were uninventive by a “new entitya and the customers will be notified on next steps on how to write their needs,” Tellerman added.

The investors in Modsy included TCV, Comcast Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, and NBC Universal.

The startup’s last funding round sealed in May 2019, bringing its total fund-raise to $72.7 million, equal to Crunchbase.

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