The NBA Playoffs and Regular Season Are A Completely Different Sport- Can Your Team Handle That?

We need to talk about the trademark new sports season that just tipped off this week.

I’m talking well-nigh the NBA Playoffs.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, George, the NBA Playoffs aren’t a new sports season. Basketball has been going on since October.

Not this kind of basketball.

Now increasingly than ever, the NBA’s regular season, and the NBA Playoffs are two completely variegated sports.

Do you think Tyler Herro is diving for loose balls in the regular season? Hell no. And now he’s not diving for anything considering he tapped his damn hand.

Do you think Anthony Davis is putting his glass wreck and spaghetti ligaments in harm’s way to take a tuition from Ja Morant in the regular season? Absolutely not. And as a Lakers fan I’d fathom it if he didn’t do that again.

Ja Morant is lucky to only have a soft tissue bruise.

Do you think that Devin Booker and and Kawhi Leonard are rolling virtually on the floor trying to pick each other’s pockets in the third quarter of a game in November?

The playoffs are a variegated beast, but considering of that, you have teams struggling to retread to the differences in lineups, effort, physicality, and expressly the way the games are officiated.

I hate to unchangingly be the one bagging on James Harden, but he scored eight points in game 2 of the Sixers first round matchup with the Nets. EIGHT. And the reason is considering he isn’t worldly-wise to depend on the ticky tack fouls he draws in the regular season.

Get this- James Harden has gone three subsequent playoff games without plane attempting a self-ruling throw. James Harden is tied for twelfth IN THE HISTORY OF THE NBA in self-ruling throws attempted per game, and he hasn’t shot a self-ruling throw in his last three playoff games.

And it’s not just James Harden that is unauthentic by the officiating changes. In the 2021-2022 regular season, Giannis Antetokounmpo was tabbed for 48 offensive fouls in 67 games. In last years playoffs he was tabbed for 21 in just 12 games. That’s increasingly than double his regular season per game average!

The teams that win in the playoffs are the ones that aren’t having to shift their style to fit a completely variegated game. It’s the reason Kobe found success without Shaq. It’s the reason the San Antonio Spurs had over a decade of sustained success. It’s the reason Dwyane Wade’s physicality in the regular season resulted in three championships and five appearances. And it’s the reason that no matter how much of a headache he can be, the Warriors have never moved on from Draymond Green.

The only way you’re winning an NBA championship in 2023 is if you have the versatility to be a two-sport star. Regular season basketball and playoff basketball.

Let that sink in.

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